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The Nigeria Natural Resource Charter

The NNRC conducts evidence-based assessments and stimulates dialogue on the country’s petroleum sector governance. Led by a panel of esteemed experts, the NNRC conducts a biannual benchmarking of petroleum sector governance against the 12 Charter precepts of good practice for optimising the socio-economic benefits of natural resources. Explore the Charter here. Read the 2014 Nigeria benchmarking here.

precept 1
The development of a country’s natural resources should be designed to secure the greatest social and economic benefit for its people. This requires a comprehensive approach in which every stage of the decision chain is understood and addressed.

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The Twelve Precepts
Precept 1



Summary report, including key sector data and explanations of how performance has changed since 2012
Full report, including all of the research that underlies the NNRC's scores