September 2012

Norway is a often used as a shining example of good natural resource management. First in a series of short case studies, "A comprehensive resource development strategy: Norway's path to inclusive and sustainable development" charts the creation of a comprehensive policy framework that helped Norway resist many of the problems facing resource-rich countries, and establish the country as one of the most successful economies in the world. The case study highlights many of the issues contained in Precept 1 of the Natural Resource Charter. In particular, it highlights some of the factors already present in the country that ensured the success of the policy framework, but cautions that such factors may not be easily replicated in other countries. The case also suggests that the path to sustainable development is not yet complete, and further structural changes may be necessary.

The Natural Resource Charter, Revenue Watch and the School of Public Policy at the Central European University are now accepting applications for the advanced course: "Reversing the Resource Curse: Theory and Practice."

To apply, interested individuals should submit the application form by 23 September 2012, accompanied by:

- a resume

- a letter from your employer in support of your application, which also describes your organization’s work related to the extractives industries

- a short essay (no more than two pages) on the challenges faced by the extractives industries in your country of origin/residence (or internationally) and on your expectations of how you will support you in your efforts to help address these challenges.

Download the course brochure to learn more.


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