May 2013

3 May 2013                                                                                                  


The BusinessDay Newspaper has just published an article which captured highlights of the workshop hosted by the Nigerian Natural Resource Charter (NNRC) in Lagos to provoke discussions on Fuel Subsidy in Nigeria. This workshop was hosted alongside the launch of the "Citizens Guide to Energy Subsidies in Nigeria" by the Center for Public Policy Alternatives (CPPA).

The article highlighted some key issues discussed during the presentations and the recommendations of the Charter on the issue of subsidies. Key among these are the inequitable distribution of resource revenues in the 2013 budget to key sectors like education, health and agriculture as compared to the provisions made for subsidy in the budget. 

The article also showed highlights from the NOI Polls recent polling on petroleum pricing in the country. The results of the polls showed that "...many Nigerians purchase fuel at prices way above the official pump price of N97 stipulated after the partial removal of fuel subsidy by government last year".

Click here to read full article. Presentations made at the workshop can also be found here.