The Natural Resource Charter is a global intiative to help governments and societies harness the opportunities created by natural resources effectively. Some of the poorest countries in the world have large amounts of natural resources and these can provide a pathway out of poverty. Yet in the past, these opportunities have often been missed, and resource abundant countries have consequently remained poor.

Natural resources have the potential to be transformative if they are properly harnessed for development. However, the value chain from the discovery of natural assets through to their conversion into a productive economy is long and complex. This is why the process has so often been unsuccessful.

The Natural Resource Charter provides 12 precepts to inform and improve natural resource management. It will help to ensure that the opportunities provided by new discoveries and commodity booms will never again be missed.

What makes the Natural Resource Charter unique? It is an international convention in the making, but one that will be built by a participatory process guided by academic research.