Benchmarking Framework


The Natural Resource Charter’s 'Benchmarking Framework' is a tool to help countries realize the opportunity of natural resource abundance. Based on the expert knowledge brought together within the 12 Precepts of the Natural Resource Charter, the 'Framework' provides a structure for governments and other organizations to undertake their own evidenced-based, multi-stakeholder assessment of the problems they face and to support a practical response.

The Benchmarking Framework uses the idea that the success or failure of resource management rests on getting governance and economic management right across a whole chain of decisions. A weak link in this chain ensures that the whole system suffers. By making an assessment of how well governance and economic management is performing across this ‘decision chain', a country can identify what areas constitute a weak link – in other words, what areas of resource management are stopping the country benefitting from its resource wealth. For further information, download our briefing note bellow.