Revenue Watch Institute (2004) ‘Follow the Money: A Guide to Monitoring Budgets and Oil and Gas Revenues’

Precept 2 states that successful natural resource management requires government accountability to an informed public. Transparency is a crucial first step. Civil society has a key role to play in using information made public for monitoring government revenue from natural resources.

 The report examines how best practices in budget work can be applied to monitoring government revenue from extractive industries. It is found that there is a large degree of overlap in the two areas and collaboration can be beneficial for both. In supporting such collaboration the report identifies a number of factors which determine the success of budget and revenue work. These include:

    - Analysis through demanding access to information and developing other sources of information.

    - Building and maintaining advocacy coalitions provides added political support and allows technical aspects of budget work to be linked with grassroots participation.

     - Effective media work allows groups to raise public awareness, influence politicians and retain some degree of control over government monopoly on information.

      - Dealing with public officials by engaging and pushing them towards civil society’s agenda.

 Access the report here.